Hivergen BI/DWH


Instead of making long-term analyzes, take the time to make the right decisions and manage information in the right way.


An analytical tool that enables grouping, sorting and filtering information and relatively quickly brings the desired results.

From opportunities to benefits

Timely analyzes and reports can quickly respond to market changes and direct the company's development in the right direction.


Provide information when they are needed, in right way to make business decisions easier and faster.

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Business Intelligence is a concept that combines a set of methodologies (Data Warehousing, Data Mining, OLAP) and software tools that allow you to use data from different Data Warehouses and convert them into information needed to make business decisions.

If you have problems with analyzing and planning your business on unspecified reports or you can not get clear answers to the questions asked, Hivergen BI is the right solution for you. With over 30 graphs implemented within the system, it is possible to make reports according to any criteria based on time and / or geographic analysis.

With Hivergen BI it is easy to make a sales analysis independent of the desired parameters. Timely and quality analysis of the existing state of the organization saves time and money, and the way to it is very simple. From the analytical data analysis, this analytics tool enables grouping, sorting, and filtering of the information needed to meet all user requirements and bring us useful and desired results, relatively quickly. Information like the quantity of products sold by type and total customer earnings are available immediately when you need it. Why not make a review of your top 5 regular customers and reward them for loyalty? Only one click is needed!

In addition to business intelligence, Hivergen is a DMS solution that enables managing and archiving business documentation for many direct and indirect savings.


Sales analysis is important for any business, regardless of the size of the business or its business. With a view of the profit realized over a given period, it is used to compare sales at desired times and to measure employee efficiency, improve and plan the sales process itself, and many other activities. Sales analysis is most useful when it is actively implemented and updated because you can keep track of business and sales trends from day to day.

If you are wondering why you need a BI system when you can calculate how many products you sell on a day and day, imagine the following situation: If your company handles 100 accounts per month with an average of 5 items, after 3 years there will be 162,000 data . How long will it take to make a monthly sales comparison or compare a weekly amount of sales?

Hivergen BI is a sales analysis system that enables information to be displayed when needed, as needed to make business decisions simpler and faster. Using a graphical graphical interface, the user comes to report with a single mouse click. Data analysis for months, quarters, or years, and regions or zones is enabled using analytical tools.

Types of report

  • An overview of the time spent on projects
  • Sales Analysis
  • Combined comparison by years, months, days, or employees
  • Quotes on a giro account
  • Traffic (sales) financially
  • Traffic to the merchant
  • Traffic (sales) geographically
  • Salaries of employees, bonuses
  • Production of a particular product costs more than we planned
  • Comparison of production time by product groups
  • Sales review by referents
  • Sales review by region
  • View production on yesterday
  • Stock valuable
  • Stocks by age
  • Cost control
  • Debt and non-currency loans
  • Customers for a particular group of goods
  • Comparison of price movements over time (daily, monthly, yearly)

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